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Thursday, 3/26/2015
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Attention STUDENTS 

Time to PRACTICE the M-STEP (the new State test)



Credit Deadlines 2014-15

1 FULL Credit Deadlines 2014-15

April 24

June 12

Academy 21 Curriculum Links

Click any of the links below to launch the custom curriculum page (note: you must have an assigned student login to use any of the curriculum pages).
Academy 21 features a comprehensive and customizable curriculum provided via web-based software, which provide core curriculum instruction and beyond.

Graduate Spot


This weeks Graduate


2014 - 15  AC21 Graduates:

Daniel Day

Justin Dickerson

Sarah Hirsch

Kacie Karczewski

Miranda Mattingly

Christina McMurray

Mariah Metzke

Kati Rankin

Taylor Rawski

Kayla Santana

Students PLEASE read your messages DAILY in Plato and Compass


Attention STUDENTS

When you complete a course

NOTIFY your Teacher


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Teacher Web pages

Teacher Web pages:

N. Endres

B. Hanchon

R. Resio

J. Weitz

Student Support Staff

M. Droste

M. Galvin

M. O'Connor

L. Wilson

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Teacher Web pages

Teacher Web pages:

N. Endres

B. Hanchon

R. Resio

J. Weitz

Student Support Staff

M. Droste

M. Galvin

M. O'Connor

L. Wilson



mckinnona@clps.org     586-510-2005



galvanm@clps.org 586-510-2065

hanchonb@clps.org   hanchonb@gmail.com   

maureeno@clps.org       586-510-2055


resior@clps.org 586-510-2066

weitzj@clps.org          586-510-2061


drostem@clps.org     586-510-2062

Academy 21 Virtual School

Program Description
  • Online Courses
  • Laptop Included
  • Internet Connectivity Included
  • Certified Teachers Available Online
  • Onsite Highly Qualified Teachers Available
  • Center Line High School Diploma and Transcripts
  • Materials, and equipment are FREE to all students
  • Transportation for students that live within the district
  • Lunches are available
  • Funding and resources are available in partnership with Academy 21 to all community agencies in Macomb County

Procedures to Enroll in AC21

  • Call Mrs. Mary Droste to make an appointment with Mr. McKinnon, AC21 Supervisor
    • 586-510-2062
  • Before Appointment:
    • Pick up enrollment packet from Administrative building
    • Collect specified documents defined in packet
      • Birth certificate
      • Current transcripts
      • Current license
      • Current bill
  • Arrive for your appointment (click for directions)




Highly-qualified teachers, present in our labs Monday through Friday from 9:00am - 3:00pm, work with students in the areas of english, mathematics, science and social studies. We also offer 100 electives, such as Job Skills, Career Management, Business Law, Gothic Literature: Monster stories, Fundmentals of Digital Media, Real World Parenting and Veterinary Science.

1. I have heard that each student has a mentor. What does this mean?
Each student DOES have a mentor. The mentor monitors the student's progress by weekly contacts/conferences.

2. Do you have someone that I can talk to about credits or transcripts?
Yes, we have a student support coordinator. Mrs. O'Connor can be reached at 586-510-2066.

3. How can I keep informed about my child's progress?
You may contact your child's mentor, the student support coordinator and/or come to parent/mentor/conferences. If your child is using Odysseyware, there is a parent portal. Ask your child's mentor to enroll you in this program.

4. I know that students can come to your lab from 9AM-3PM Monday through Friday. Who is in the lab to help them?
We have staff members available to help throughout the week. They possess valid teaching certificates and are highly qualified in the areas in which they teach: English, social studies, math and science.

5. Can my child complete coursework at home?
Students may work at home, in the lab or a combination of both. However, they are strongly encouraged to come to the lab whenever extra help is needed. Students may text, message through Odysseyware, email or call their mentors or content teachers as well. Our teachers are very anxious to help.

6. Virtual learning is so new. Why should I consider it? Is it for everyone?
Here are some advantages.

  • Work and other responsibilities can be planned around learning
  • Students have personal attention: one-on-one interaction with highly-qualified onsite and online teachers.
  • Students can focus on goals, instead of distractions or peer pressure.
  • Course material is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Online courses teach the student to be self-disciplined.
  • Online courses bring education right to the home.
  • Online courses give the student real world skills.
  • Students may work at their own pace.

There are times, however, when an online program is not in the best interest of the student and another placement should be considered.

7. Some online programs are very expensive. What does this program cost?
There is
no charge. The only time cost is involved is if a computer is damaged. The student/parent and student support coordinator work together to establish repair or replacement cost.

8. Do you offer transportation?
Transportation is offered on a limited basis and only within the Center Line and parts of Warren area.
Talk to your mentor for more information.

My friend told me about Academy 21. I like the idea but is there anything I should consider before enrolling?

First of all, you should think about whether an online school is right for you. It is a big commitment and it is important to consider WHY you want online. Students need the time and most of all they need the motivation to do the work. Generally speaking, choosing online is a very good decision, but sometimes online is not right for a student. At that point, the student should consider another placement. Before enrolling, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I motivated enough to do the coursework?
  • Am I enrolling because I think online is easy?
  • Have I asked my friends who attend Academy 21 whether they think it's easy?
  • Can I create a classroom environment at home?
  • Do I have a place to work where I can avoid distractions?
  • Academy 21 has deadlines for earning credits.
  • Will I be self-disciplined enough to reach these mandatory deadlines?
  • Overall, am I disciplined enough to be successful at an online school?

You might want to know, also, that online schooling covers a broad spectrum of learning opportunities. Some programs range from small providers offering single courses to large institutions. Some programs are fully online while others offer web-based delivery with some elements of traditional classroom learning. Some programs are highly structured in their curriculum and teaching, while others are flexible. Academy 21 is almost fully online with some traditional classroom learning, such as small group study skills, writing workshop and group counseling in combination with online psychology classes.

As you can see, there is an enormous amount to consider before enrolling. Good luck.