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Friday, 4/28/2017
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Substitute Calling Procedures

Center Line Public Schools uses the AESOP system to record all absences and fill substitute positions. Please use the following procedure to report your absence:

1.   Call AESOP (1-800-942-3767) to record your absence or visit the AESOP website to enter it online.

NOTE: Your ID is your home phone number

2.   If it is an emergency, please call (586) 510.2000 (you may have to leave a message).

3.   Leave the following information:
      Full Name
      Building Assignment
      Teaching Assignment
      Reason for Absence
      Return Date
      Location of Lesson Plans

3.   You may want to call your building administrator, secretary,                                
       and/or department chairperson if you have special instructions.

To report/call-in your absences during the day, teacher/secretarial substitutes can be arranged after 6:30 a.m. by contacting the Administration Building at (586) 510.2000.  Provide the same information as indicated in #2 above.

Note:  No substitute will be secured directly by the teacher or principal.  You may indicate a specific sub that you prefer.  Please understand, however, that requests may not be filled.

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