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Monday, 4/24/2017
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Notification Regarding
Student Disciplinary Records

Title IV, Part A, Subpart 4, Section 4155 of the No Child Left Behind Act (“Transfer of School Disciplinary Records”) requires that:

…the State has a procedure in place to facilitate the transfer of disciplinary records, with respect to a suspension or expulsion, by local educational agencies to any private or public elementary school or secondary school for any student who is enrolled or seeks, intends, or is instructed to enroll, on a full- or part-time basis, in the school.

Parents and students are therefore notified of the following:

Matters of student suspension and/or expulsion shall be maintained in a student’s educational file (“CA 60”), and shall be transferred to any other private or public elementary or secondary school in which the student may seek enrollment.  However, such disciplinary records may be deleted upon graduation, except for expulsions for possession of dangerous weapons, arson, criminal sexual conduct or the physical assault of a staff member, volunteer, or contractor.

If you have any questions regarding this law, please contact the building administrator.