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Monday, 4/24/2017
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DataDirector is an innovative online data management solution that puts a fast, powerful decision-support system at your fingertips. Designed to help educators meet the needs of every student and improve student performance, DataDirector helps make sense of a huge range of data to provide longitudinal tracking and reporting of student assessment data, student demographic data, and program/event attendance, as well as professional development activities, paraprofessional activities, student grades and teacher data.

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What is NWEA? NWEA MAP ("Measures of Academic Progress") is a computer-based adaptive assessment system. It allows for quick feedback and provides useful informational data on the skill levels of students. NWEA is aligned to the common core. For a more details overview of the NWEA computer assessment platform, see NWEA.org:

LINK: http://www.nwea.org/products-services/computer-based-adaptive-assessments


Power School

 Power School Gradebook Information

Power School Gradebook is the electronic record-keeping and report card system used by Center Line Public Schools teachers in grades K-12.  Teachers can utilize the documents in the Power School "Help" folder below to navigate specific aspects of Power School Gradebook.

Power Teacher

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